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IMG_1571IMG_1571 I wanted to welcome you to my Blog.  I have walked away from Social Media & wanted to help you the best I can to keep you up to date on Technology.  Everyone isn't into Tech like I am, however, I would like you to consider myself as your Geek.   I would help you make sense of the whole Tech World.


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Podcast are AM Radio / Talk Radio for the modern times.  Here are some tips & tricks to help you better understand Podcasts.  From which podcast app & podcast I recommend.  Whatever your interested in; from Books, Crime, Drama, Food, Games, Money, Movies, Myths, Music, News, Paranormal, Photography, Politics, Sports, Technology, Theatre, TV Shows, & UFO's just to name some of the endless podcast topics.


Overcast is my Podcast App of choice.  There are many to choose from & all have their strengths & weaknesses.  The main thing is that your happy with your podcast app.  Take a look around & get to know what works for you.

Apple Podcasts


Overcast by Overcast Radio, LLC


Here is an article discussing how to use Overcast on your Apple Watch while Running.

Running with the new Overcast watch app


Here is an article discussing some of the changes come from Apple where it comes to Podcasts.

Why Will You ‘Will’ Not ‘Subscribe’ Podcasts in iOS 14.5


Here is a great Podcast that helps you think about how to protect you & your tech from security based issues.

The Checklist by SecureMac: Checklist 222 - Avoiding Tax Scams with Nick Leon


This is a great daily dose of Tech news.

Techmeme Ride Home: Fri. 03/12 - Netflix Is Cracking Down On Password Sharing


How to get / keep your Finances on track.

The Ramsey Show: Is Bankruptcy My Only Option? (Hour 3)

Dave Ramsey's 7 Baby Steps


One of many great religious based podcasts.

Our Daily Bread Podcast | Our Daily Bread: Caring Letters



Have you heard of NFT's AKA Non-fungible token (that is the correct  A non-fungible token is a digital file whose unique identity & ownership are verified on a blockchain.


Here is an Article to help you make more since of them.

NFT -- Everything you need to know about non-fungible tokens


Here is a great Podcast explaining all about NFT's.
The Engadget Podcast: WTF are NFTs?


Here is a Video explaining NFT's.
NFTs Are Fueling a Boom in Digital Art. Here’s How They Work | WSJ

The weather is looking nicer & we all need to get out & exercise.  Here is a music podcast that will help you do just that.


CLUBLIFE: Episode 727

Abby will teach you so much.  Give here a listen.

Getting Schooled Podcast: What Is The National Guard?

Siri, “Where can I get a COVID vaccination?”
Apple Maps Now Displays COVID-19 Vaccination Locations



Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog & I hope you have found some interesting information here.



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